Lender Registration Requirements

In order to maintain the high standards and service levels of the Lender Matching Engine, each lending institution must meet certain eligibility requirements before (a) their lending criteria can be posted to the Matching Engine and (b) a Lender Login can be established.    Lender Pipeline is a web-based service (no software required) that allows qualified direct commercial mortgage lenders to receive pre-qualified commercial mortgage loan requests from BrokerPro users. Fill in your lending criteria online and begin to receive commercial mortgage requests that specifically match your criteria.

Lenders must meet the following eligibility requirements: 

  1. You must be a licensed Lending Institution. A Lending Institution means any bank or trust company, national banking association, savings and loan association, Federal National Mortgage Association approved mortgage banker, or other financial institution or governmental agency of the United States which directly provides financing of mortgages located in the state(s) of licensure.    

  2. You must engage in originating, funding, and/or servicing mortgage loans and deed of trusts?    

  3. You must be qualified to do business in the state(s) of licensure?

* You may be required to provide supporting documentation that you meet the eligibility requirements. * LendingApps reserves the right to make the final determination of Lender's eligibility.

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